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    An audio-visual paradise
    due to its locations
    and tax benefits

    These Spanish islands boast a warm climate year round and all kinds of fascinating and versatile sceneries: volcanic landscapes that are out of this world, endless virgin beaches, sandbanks and dunes that bring to mind the desert lands of the East, forests and mountains with huge cliffs… All of this is bolstered by the most appealing tax incentives that Europe has to offer for the audio-visual industry.


    Green areas, culture
    and modernity. The audio-visual
    industry as a leading sector

    Modern architecture alongside stately buildings, a long-standing industrial tradition, rugged coastlines, mountains and breathtaking valleys… The Basque Country is a land of contrasts, ancestral traditions and radical modernity. Harmony between these ingredients is rooted in its ability to evolve over time while staying true to its essence. An industrious land, the Basque Government supports the audio-visual sector with attractive tax incentives.


    From the North to the South Spain is the land
    of tax incentives for the audiovisual industry

    Spain has one of Europe’s most powerful tax incentives regarding the film and audiovisual production industry. Backed by national and European laws the country is the best guarantee as a destination for any shooting works.

    Up to 40% of tax rebate in the Canary Islands and up to
    45% of tax deduction in Spanish productions.
    Up to a 30% of tax deduction in Euskadi (Basque Country).
    And a 20% of tax rebate in the rest of Spain.


    La Competencia Studios works with the best suppliers in the world

    We have specialised service companies at our disposal which are equipped with the latest technology. Most of our suppliers operate internationally and are recognised professionals beyond our borders.

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    La Competencia Studios is a business line of La Competencia Producciones dedicated to the production of fiction throughout Spain and internationally. We are backed by more than 20 years of experience working in the audio-visual sector. We offer our extensive knowledge of production, locations and the tax benefits offered by our country so that our clients enjoy the best service. This service is based, firstly, on a deep understanding of audio-visual content and, secondly, on the needs of our clients. We are multilingual, flexible and passionate. We have the best technicians and a diverse portfolio of creative professionals. Our objective is to dedicate an entire business line to content: La Competencia Studios.